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Friday, March 26, 2010

Webcomics 'n Thangs

For those that don't know, I'm the artist and writer for a webcomic titled Redux Deluxe (yeah, thats right, I'm plugging it again, and will continue to do so...). Its about this young boy named CJ who has to cope with a new neighborhood and making friends in a strange new place after his parents are forced to relocate due to job opportunities. The main reason why I decided to go forward with my comic was that there were so few comic strips out there that had minority characters as the main roles without making us look ignorant or conforming to stereotypes (I'm not just talking about african americans, but all races). So, one of the main things that I wanted to do with my comic is have ALOT of main characters that are of a different race interacting with one another without the ignorance, stereotypes or underlying tones at all. Thats my goal, and one of the main things that I sought out to accomplish. Unfortunately, not everyone has shared such a goal with me, for whatever reasons. I've been denied to join countless comic groups and collectives because "Redux Deluxe" isn't what they're focused on right now. My comic was also denied entry into my university's school paper, even though there are several other comics full of potty humor and art direction that isn't as concise as mine. I don't know why that is, but what I do know is that I'm striving for success...because success is the best revenge. I don't want to say 'revenge' per se, but more like this was/is a great idea that no one should pass up.

So, if you're reading, please, please PLEASE head over to my page here and cast your vote to show everyone that this is a great idea and comic.

But on to better news...

My webcomic HAS been accepted at this up and coming collective called Samsara Comics. Its headed by another artist from a forum that I frequent and he also publishes his webcomic there. Thats great stuff, because it gives me the opportunity to network with other up and coming artists, and share knowledge with them! I'm beyond excited to join Samsara Comics, and I'll keep people posted here as things transition there.

I tried making a new header for my comic recently, but the cropping is all sorts of wrong, so I just decided to make it into a full illustration. I'm definitely going to go back and change this one though and put the focus more on his face than his hand in the foreground. I might make this into a downloadable wallpaper or something...I don't know just as of yet. But it will definitely find its way into the book.

Redux Deluxe updates EVERY Thursday and sometimes on Tuesday. And if you haven't been following, here's a page that you've missed:

Don't forget, check out Redux Deluxe every Thursday!!

Without Wax,

1 comment:

Mike "Ki Gen" Suazo said...

Thats cool that you found someone to accept your webcomic. New strip's funny, definitely drawn well. Congrats man.