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Friday, March 19, 2010

Ballpoint Madness!!

With me doing my webcomic more often than doing anything else, I kinda hoped that my other art wouldn't suffer since I wouldn't be concentrating on it as much. But that doesn't mean that I still can't sketch and keep that pencil pen busy. So with that said, here are a couple of sketches that I've recently done in the past couple of days. And as always, clicking on the pictures will allow you to see them in higher resolution.

Dr. Doom:

Boba Fett:


Green Lantern:

In other 'webcomic' news, I was informed earlier this week that my comic Redux Deluxe has yet again been rejected to join another webcomic community/collection/network/whatever else. The reason I got this time was that "Redux Deluxe is not currently what we are looking for in a webcomic". I'm not going to be judgmental about other comics that apparently they are interested in, so I'll leave it at that. All I can say is that this is only making me strive to make Redux Deluxe even better than what I originally conceived. But it means absolutely NOTHING if no one reads it. So please, take a second to drop by my little webcomic, add it to your RSS feeds or subscribe to it, and vote for it so that others can see what everyone else has been passing up on. Thanks for the support!!

Without Wax,

1 comment:

Mike "Ki Gen" Suazo said...

The portraits definitely came out hot and because you used pen, it gives them a hot kinda architecture like style. Keep it up.
Sorry to hear about the webcomic, just gotta keep evolving your idea to best suit what you like.

Stop by my blog if you like drawing: