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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Redux Deluxe Pages Preview

So, keeping up with my webcomic (I have to...can't give it up now), I decided to redraw all of the pages that I previously had but never uploaded them. And just for your viewing pleasure, here are the preview of them...sans text however. Hopefully its easy to understand without the text, but with it, it will make it that much better. And, if you would love to see more of my webcomic Redux Deluxe, check out my site at This year its gonna be mandatory to get a more legitimate domain, but doing a comic pro-bono means that I gotta use pro-bono least for now. Enjoy the preview pages!!

1 comment:

12kyle said...

Yooooo!!! Whussup, fam? Happy New Year. It's been a minute. Hope all is well with you