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Monday, January 25, 2010

Making Strides

Lately, I've been making illustrations for art competitions over on a drawing message board. While it was cool at first, it doesn't seem like something that I want to continue with or appears to be productive to me. Actually, its counterproductive. So I think this may be my last entry for those.

While its unfortunate, the basic premise allowed me to keep drawing and pushing further. And even without that, I'm going to continue to do so without the restrictions and boundaries of a set drawing competition. This will let me be able to draw whatever it is that I want, and plus I'll be able to draw more in the long run. And without the scheduling problems the drawoff makes as a side effect, I'm able to devote more time to my webcomic, which surely needs all the time it can get. With that said, I'm posting here the last two entries that I've done for the drawing competition.

First, is the Transformers piece that I posted not too long ago with some changes. Its not perfect, and while I do wish I could add more to it, I'm just going to let it fly just the way it is.

Secondly, is my favorite one of the last few that I've done. The topic was 'under the sea', and this is what I came up with:

As always, clicking on the pictures will enable you to see them bigger with more clarity.

On the drawing boards, both of these were losing efforts, for whatever reason. I've received comments that my pictures are 'too dark', my shadows are too dark (I thought thats what shadows meant...who knew?), my colors are 'muddy', my pictures are 'gimmicky', and that it doesn't represent 'comic art' (whatever that means). Well, whatever. I draw for me, and only me. None of them pay me to draw, so I really don't need to cater to them and draw what they like. Its my art...and if they don't like it then fine.

You can't please everyone all the time, so when it comes to art, I'm only pleasing two people from now on, myself, and the person that the artwork is for.


Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

You can add me to the list of 'pleased' people :-)

Charles said...

Haha...thanks. Its very appreciated!