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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Commission

I was never fond of doing commissions...mainly because I didn't like the fact that I was 'selling' art...things that I grew used to and attached to over the course of me making it. And also, I feel that some people just don't have the same appreciation for certain things like I do. I perceive my own artwork as thoughts and feelings drawn out on paper...and it means alot to me. And truthfully, its kind of heartbreaking and discouraging when someone begs and pleads for my art and I give it to them, only later to see that its balled up in a wad somewhere or folded in half on the floor collecting dust...but thats just me.

Also, I don't really like drawing things for people because I never really know what they want. It helps if they sketch out a thumbnail for me so I can see their idea, but most of the time they leave it up to me. And I don't like it when I give something my all, and they don't even like it or its not what they want.

Then I thought to myself that artists have to live and survive too, and eventually I would have to get over that commission thats what I did...sorta. I'm like one of the only artists that I know who does commissions and doesn't get paid for them. Right now, I view art as something that I love doing, and love getting better at. And as long as things are simple and reasonable, I don't mind doing freebies. But I'm gonna start doing more detailed and intricate ones that go beyond the definition of sketches, and those I will def. charge for.

So with that said, on to the commissions that I've recently done (for free!! yay!!). They've all been watermarked because I feel that I drew the picture for that person and that person only, so they're the ones that get the pristine versions.

1. This is a drawing that I did for someone who's writing a book. From what I've read so far its a very interesting read. The picture of the main character's other entity that she communicates with. She's made up of fire, and it was hard trying to find a mix of the different colors that she described her character was made out of, but I tried my best.

2. This one was done for a fellow blogger. I'm not going to put his name here right now because I know he probably wants to keep this under wraps until he's ready to post it on his blog. I'm not going to post the total image, just a brief snippet of it. This is part of a larger image.
3. This next picture was also done for a fellow blogger. She showed me some images of what she liked and asked for something similar. I wasn't familiar at all with that art style, but I gave it a shot and infused some of my own in there as well. I hope she liked it alot and its what she wanted.4. This is one that I drew for a special friend of mine and is loosely based on her. This was supposed to be a beach scene and very simple. Still don't know if she liked it or not...but I guess she got her money's worth (especially since it was free)
So as of right now, I'm willing to still do 'free' sketches, as long as they're for the most part simple...all I'm willing to ask for in return is that you are able to post them online to your respective blog and link back to this site, Illuminate Darkness. If you are looking for something a little more involved, email me at, or twitter me at IllumDarkness and we can definitely work something out from there.


Gina said...

WOW. You are amazingly talented. I LOVE #3. I would definitely pay you a commission for that! If I were you, I would start charging.

Glo said...

#2 is my fav. For some reason he is HOT. LMAO.

The first drawing is super exciting... makes me wanna watch a super action type movie.