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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Product of Failure: Redeaux

Redeaux is my faux french...pronounced redo. Ha...yeah, I know I'm corny.

You know, I'm beginning to learn that the saying is true, you do learn more out of failure and defeat than you do in victory. That loss that I had in the drawing competition kinda hurt my ego...and truthfully, the old me probably would've taken it hard and just given up and not done the competition thing anymore. If I would have won, I probably wouldn't have pushed so hard, and tried something out of my norm, and probably would've been stuck doing the same old same old. The fact of the matter is, I entered the competition to get better, to stop being so lazy with artwork and compositions, and really, just to showcase myself to others as well as myself...finally proving that I can do this if I wanted...which I do. Hopefully, I made that point clear, and if I changed at least one person's opinion about my artwork, then that's a victory for me.

Anyways, I entered that Green Lantern picture in the contest that was posted a couple of posts back. I thought it was a good picture, considering how much time I put into it...but meh, its whatever. It lost unfortunately, and I was sort of bummed. So, I decided to enter the next competition, which has a similar theme, but not so narrow, and decided to try something new and different. And the pic below is what I came up with:
(make sure you click on it to get a bigger view)

So now, I'm gonna take this approach with all of my new artwork...just pushing the limit til I get something that I'm proud to look at and say that I drew. And I finally made the 100% jump to Photoshop. Well...this wasn't the first picture, but I'm just saying. I think I'm coming along well with both artwork and coloring...especially based on my first digital color 'attempt' that wasn't too long ago (**shudders**).

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