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Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Love Deadlines...

...I especially love the whooshing sound that they make when they whiz by. Yep. I'm in another art drawoff...this time the topic is Green Lantern and the something else...I forget. I basically started last night...and I have no time to rough anything out or anything...I just threw some sh## together and with some wizardry and magic, I hope to pull something out that doesn't resemble a pile of steaming feces. I have never drawn the Green Lantern fact, I know very little about the Green Lantern and everything except what the Justice League cartoon shows me. Fact of the matter is...I kinda want to be a graphic novel artist (well, for my own anyway), and I don't read comic books. Ain't that some ish? I think the last comic book I read wasn't even my own, and it was like in the early to mid 90s. I know I know...I suck. Whats e even worse is this crap of a drawing I have that's supposed to be Green Lantern. If time permits, I have to flesh this thing out ALOT...and see if I can draw another head and superimpose it to this one, cause its really not working. Its really crossing my mind to scrap this whole thing altogether and start anew...or even forfeiting the thing outright...especially given the time constraints...

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