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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heaven Leigh

Funny what you come up with when you're just sketching some randomness. I have a couple of 'super heroes' that I've created, and I'll post those here too sometime...but here's one that I just made up real randomly while just sketching. I could definitely see myself fleshing this one out a little more and even making short stories with her. Her name is Heaven Leigh, and she's a human angel...a guardian angel in fact. But when she was sent here to Earth, she had to shed her wings to make her mortal. Anyways, as far as special abilities and such goes...she has super strength, and can fly...and don't need much more than that. Oh, and she has a direct line to the Big Guy upstairs, so that dwarfs any heat vision and all of that other stuff.

And this was my first attempt at doing stuff in Photoshop, and while its very different than GIMP, a lot of the things are very familiar. Its a must that I continue practicing with Photoshop, because I feel there are alot of things that I could get accomplished easier in PS than I can do in GIMP. So with that said...introducing Heaven Leigh:

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