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Friday, April 10, 2009

"Does It Look Like I Care?" Bear

The stuff you come up with when you're bored. I thought it was kinda weird that the Care Bears were always happy and always caring all the time...with their care bear stares and what not. Sometimes I wonder if Dr. ColdHeart was just a normal person who just had bad luck, and decided to be grumpy for a change, and he couldn't even do that in peace without those damn bears messing that up. Maybe they're the villians after all....forcing their beliefs on others. The injustice!!

So, this is, Does It Look Like I Care Bear...who obviously doesn't care. And he doesn't have a Care Bear Stare...he has a Not Caring Scowl. I'm scared of you!!!

Done with a Bic pen, and a crappy color job in GIMP.


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

LOL. I like him. I'll never understand how you create these, but I'm always amazed. Happy Easter!

Teems said...

I LOOOOOVE IT. These bears should be in production and compliment my last post. Damn I want one!

1/3 said...

u always turn cute and cuddly things into something mean LOL. its still cute tho lol

audrey. said...

i LOVE this idea.
i think you should do more.


seriously...i just love every detail about this piece!

amazing! hands down!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I so want this on a t-shirt and a bag! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ieisha said...

I would SO wear that on a T-shirt! Love the pic.

And don't say the color work was crappy. I have the GIMP program on my computer in an attempt to retouch photos.....ah, yeah....couldn't do what you just did.

Great work!

Charles said...

@ CurvyGurl: Thanks!! I hope you had a great Easter too. Some stuff that I make up is really random, some stuff is based on things I see, some is roughly based on weird ideas and dreams...and some are based on cartoons that I watch. Yeah, I said it...I still watch cartoons.

@ Teems: Hahaha...thanks! I was actually thinking about making a whole set of real life emotion bears based on care bears...matter of fact...lemme get to that...

@ 1/3: Thanks...I think. I want to do weirder stuff...just to get on your nerves...but I'll save that for another post...

@ Audrey: Yeah, I'm planning on to...just have to find the time to fit that in amongst the other drawings and artwork that I have laying around.

@ Tuotierugif: Thanks!! I never thought about making t-shirts...maybe I should. But soon you can have this to call your own when my art book comes out!!

@ Oyin: Thanks!

@ Ieisha: Thanks!! I should seriously consider it then. I mean, the colors are 'crappy' cause I did it kinda fast and went out of the lines....yeah. But all of my digital colored stuff is colored in Gimp. I have photoshop too...but I hardly ever use it.

brran1 said... this is my kinda Care Bear. Just to even it out, they shoulda had him on the show to even out all that happy crap.