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Monday, October 13, 2008

Self Portrait

So, if I want to officially start a new art blog, then that means I can't slack at all when it comes to my drawing, sketching, or whatever. Recently I found an art book that I had back in high school that I've used maybe 5 times. So, I decided to use that one for all of the rough sketches that I plan on doing and creating for the time being.

I decided to do a self portrait, sort of. Most of the drawings that I do are just in pen and ink, so people don't think I can draw realistically at all...they just think I do comics, anime, or other stylistic stuff. Well, fact of the matter is, I started out doing shading with pencils, then working my way up to still life, then wasn't until I started using color that my focus changed....and then I found out about inking. Well, anyways, I'm a little rusty at this, so I decided to do a quick sketch to see how rusty I really am.

Clicking on the picture will show it at increased resolution. I also did a little photo manipulation in Picasa. I just clicked the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button, and it auto-adjusted everything for me...aka, darkened it a little. The first pic is the raw scan, the second, the manipulated one.

Materials Used:
  • Acid free, medium weight, lightly textured 50% recycled sketch paper
  • #2 0.7 mm BIC mechanical pencil
  • Picasa 3

I know its not 'pure' to do a drawing of this nature with a mechanical pencil, but that's just what I had available.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the comments section.



Sexxy Luv said...

Me being the judge i'll say you're a great artist! the self Portrait is very detailed especially the eyes, the brows and the lashes!

keep up the good work!

I found you!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

THANKS for letting me know!!! I love your work...

The last time I did drawing of this sort was in grade 9 lol.. so i pretty much can't remember much...

I'll say if you want to further your designs, taking them on the web for print work etc... I recommend Adobe Illustrator... Hopefully I'll learn alot from you.. (i'm thinking of trying figure drawing again)

mrs. mary mack said...

That Picasa 3 is awesome! I wish I could draw.

Charles said...

@ sexxy luv: Thanks!!! I drew the eyes first, because thats what grabs your attention. And I'm glad you found my new blog...even though I wasn't really trying to hide...

@ koffeedyme: I definitely appreciate it. Yeah, its been a while since I've done all the technical shading, but I figured I had to branch out and try new (or old and forgotten) techniques. I looked into that Adobe, I don't have $600 to drop on a program...thats the price of a decent laptop nowadays...dang...

@ Mrs. Mary Mack: Yeah, Picasa 3 is great, ain't it? And sometimes being able to draw can be a gift and a curse at the same time...

brran1 said...

You drew this with a mechanical pencil? I mean, I wouldn't consider it cheating, seing as how it's still a pencil. lol.